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Saturday, December 17, 2011

11 ways how to be the perfect man

Just want to stipulate that all of what you read in this article is the only recommendations; following which, you are much more likely to be liked by women, rather than being ignored by them. Again, the order listed below of male qualities is not as important as their availability. Well, now we can begin to list the most important men of quality, possessing which you “risk” like almost every woman and no matter what was going on, about a woman at school, at work, in cafes or anywhere else. How to please a woman? Here are 11 tips to be the perfect man.

1.Confidence. Asked 1000 different women, what should be a man of their dreams, and the vast majority of them do not hesitate to answer – self-confident. Yes, exactly. Not handsome, not rich and not even sexy! First and foremost he must radiate confidence and their actions. It is close to such men, we women feel most comfortable. If you unfortunately do not have this quality, it does not matter. Above all, do not try to portray him, the women feel it very false and hardly will appreciate your effort. Another small remark, it is important not to confuse confidence with arrogance and conceit. These are completely different things that play in the different teams. “Be decisive and do not be shy and mumbled guy. In this age of timidity, fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), women do not appreciate. Also, never look away from the woman, talking to her, try not to be shy and do not blush. These simple rules should be clear to secede in your head (if you really want to be liked by a woman).

2.Sense of humor. It is this quality, can rightly fight for first place in the answer to the question: “what women like?” As you all know very well, “women like ears. Of course, for women’s ears, there’s nothing sweeter than sweet words and pretty compliments. But it is important to remember is one simple rule. The man who managed to cheer her companion – already 51% to her liking! Believe me; this information accurately rendered good service in another attempt pleasing a woman.

3.Masculinity. Everybody knows the phrase “For him, like a stone wall.” To understand its meaning is not difficult. She wants to see next to a strong (both literally and figuratively) a man. Next to that, she will feel weak and protected. Of course, here you can add and courage (only without fanaticism). Any man beside the woman must always remember who the stronger sex, and who – is weak. Unfortunately, in recent times, this quality is often more typical for our women. Men, give us the opportunities to at least close to you feel still weaker sex, but not vice versa.

4.Good manners. These days, the item can be rephrased to “lack of bad manners” Everyone understands what is at stake, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford such “luxury“. Although it is not hard not to swear in the presence of women, respect elders, leaving the public transport to submit your companion’s hand (yeah, right now) do not slurp, and do not yell, etc. Of course, there are women who prefer the opposite brawler and foul-mouthed. But we are talking here about the other, normal woman, whom, fortunately, to date, much more. Therefore, do not forget about the banal rules of culture and etiquette. Nobody has hurt.

5.Responsibility. Personally, I am deeply convinced that every person should be responsible, and a man – twice. Not fair? Who knows? This is not only responsible for themselves and their actions, but also for their loved ones, their family, their future, in the end. At an irresponsible person (man or woman) can not be relied upon. They can not be trusted. And if not a man of confidence, it is difficult to build a serious mutual relation. Therefore, to be liked by a woman you just have to be responsible. How are things men say – “a man said, a man made“? In my opinion, the responsible male is even very beautiful and promising.

6.Extraordinary.In other words, you must be something that is not in the other, something that would “hook” the woman. In fact, it is not too hard to be extraordinary. Each of us has something that we try not to advertise in public. Whether it’s romanticism or erudition, adventurism (in a good sense of the word) or the ability “unroofed” woman. The options can be numerous. Choose you. The main thing in this case did not per gnu stick. Just does not be a “gray mouse” among millions of others like it. Be yourself!

7.Well-groomed and orderly. It’s hard for me to add anything. Everything is very clear. It just so happened that the women, most of them, more prone to cleanliness and order. And this is built into us at a subconscious level. Therefore, dear men, before your date with a woman stop in front of a mirror and draw appropriate conclusions. No, you do not have to go on dates in the official strict male suit you just have to look carefully. Clean shoes, ironed things, well-groomed hair. In my opinion, it is not difficult to agree? Slovenly men – repel. And no matter how cheerful, erudite and well-read you would not have been, you will be extremely difficult to be liked by the woman if you do not follow the usual rules of hygiene and walk in dirty clothes.

8.“In demand” from the weaker sex. It is important to give a sense of the woman that you – the coveted object for other females, but, your woman – the only one who you really interesting and important. Only in that case – it works. Many men take this advice literally, and thus suffer a crushing fiasco in women. It’s important to understand the distinction permissible. Do not eat other women’s’ eyes, being next to her. Generally you do not notice anyone. Let her know that she was the only one that exists for you at this time. I understand, to make it quite easy, but you can be good. Have you ever wondered why people ala the “soul of the company” enjoys a demand among the fairer sex? Why he is liked by women? Hints understand? Become a soul of the company, and you definitely will be liked by the women.

9.Like her girl friends. After the previous paragraph can be added to this, if the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the path to the woman’s heart – through her friends. Again, it is important to understand, you should not flirt, or God forbid – sleeping with your woman friends! You just have to evoke positive emotions from them. To even the mention of your name, they are envious glances at your woman, although there are some pitfalls, envious friends – a very dangerous weapon. Keep this in mind and do not bend the stick!

10.Be an interesting conversationalist. You understand that people are interested in communicating attract. Remember, what they like women? Do not let the stupid and ridiculous breaks that put in an awkward situation for you both. But to chalk rubbish should not be. If you are dating a woman is not the first time, you probably have already managed to figure out what she enjoys, her interests, hobbies and passions. So, on your part would be very reasonable little “conversationalist” in the desired area. It would be beneficial to you (self-development has never stopped anyone), and avoid unnecessary breaks in communion with the woman. But cramming does not need anything, otherwise you quickly see through.

11.Be generous. Specifically, do not be greedy. I understand that for many guys, this paragraph will not be clearly to his liking, but still. Just take this item as an axiom. You do not want to be wasteful and to please the whims of any woman, no. Just from time to time giving his girlfriend inexpensive gifts, flowers, pay for it in cafes and clubs … Believe me, a woman who sees the young man not sorry to spend money on her (without fanaticism) – is capable of much.

Well, we think that these items will be more than enough to be liked by a woman. Of course, this is just the recommendations and implementing them is not necessary. You like a woman and not doing any of these tips. After all, we are different; we all have different tastes and preferences. However, the majority of women still give preference to a man who will meet all the requirements of this list.

Note that in order to please a woman you should also be a measure of romantic, secure, punctual, and respectful to her and her family, gentle, affectionate and even 1001 version. But most importantly, you should be yourself. You do not need to be an actor and attribute non-existing qualities, because sooner or later you puncture, no matter how cool. And women are not so stupid as to not distinguish desirable from the real. Just be yourself and respect the woman and a path to the heart of each one of us – is different, and find it does not help none of the recommendations , even the most well-known guru in the affairs of the heart and that is How to please a woman with the 11 tips to be the perfect man

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