Top 10 Biggest Volcanic Eruptions in History

The recent eruptions of the Eyjafjallaj√∂kull volcano in Iceland were a stark reminder of nature’s ability to bring human activity to an abrupt standstill. The cloud of smoke that drifted over Western Europe made aviation travel untenable, returning European skies to a quietude not felt for decades..

Luxury Dining Rooms Ideas

A lingering hint of contemporary gothic pervades these luxury dining room ideas by Cattelan Italia. Black and white color schemes throughout simply demand attention… hints of sparkle add glitz and glamour

Top 10 Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings

The upcoming Chelsea Clinton nuptials have provoked endless speculation – from whether she’ll opt for an Oscar de la Renta or a Vera Wang dress, to whether the former First Daughter will be serving anything other than vegan food to her guests.

Pirelli Calendar 2011

During a press conference in Moscow this past Tuesday, Karl Lagerfeld presented his rendition of the famed Pirelli Calendar for 2011.

Vogue Paris Calendar 2011

Mikael Jansson shoots the stunning new Vogue Paris 2011 Calendar featuring Daria Werbowy. Styled by Anastasia Barbieri and Jewels by Louis Vuitton.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Magic Mountain Lodge Hotel in Chile, South America

Magic Mountain Lodge is the name of this strange hotel, which is located amidst the picturesque private biological reserve “Huilo Huilo“, in Chile, South America. This incredible hotel is designed in the shape of a volcano, but the difference is that from it comes out clean water, instead of hot lava. Of course, those of you who want to enjoy the view of a real volcano, just have to look through the window of the hotel to see the volcano Arenal, located on the territory of Costa Rica. In fact, this is an active volcano in front of this intresting hotel.

This hotel, comprising 13 rooms (intresting is’n it?), stands out with a fantastic look and wonderful atmosphere. The exterior is designed in Gothic style, and certainly, it would have liked not only to fans of this style, but also to the fans of fantasy. In front of the hotel has a suspension bridge, so if you want to visit the building, you have to pass through it.

The fabulous hotel is covered with green climbing plants, which get moisture from the water, springing from the top of the makeshift volcano. The magic atmosphere is preserved also in the internal decor of this amazing hotel, and a part of it is a wonderful Jacuzzi and large panoramic windows that allow you to enjoy the majestic mountain landscape.

The interior of the hotel bedrooms is designed in a rustic style, and thus you can enjoy the incredible warmth of the wooden walls. The bedrooms are of three kinds. These are Cabin Room, which is the cheapest, Standard Room, and Suite Room, which is a more expensive. The rustic interior successfully combines furniture with a modern style, and it can be seen in the common areas such as the living area and dining area of the hotel.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pixar’s Monsters University Trailer Released

Disney•Pixar has released the first teaser trailer for Monsters University, its upcoming prequel to Monsters, Inc. The film is set about ten years before the events of its predecessor and will follow the story of how Mike and Sulley first met in college and how their relationship evolved over time. While they were initially foes, the pair ultimately overcame their differences and became inseparable. John Goodman, Billy Crystal, and Steve Buscemi will reprise their roles with Dan Scanlon (Mater and the Ghostlight) serving as director. Judging from the trailer, it looks like Monsters University will be full of laughs and will mark another hit for Pixar. Monsters University will hit theaters on June 21, 2013. Check out the teaser below:

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Full Trailer

The full new trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2 has finally come online-- on the occasion, of course, of Edward Cullens' 111th birthday. Take a look at the new trailer below.

Unlike the first half of the Breaking Dawn films, which was all about the lovey-dovey stuff of Edward and Bella's wedding, honeymoon, and birth of their child Renesmee, the second half seems to be all about the action, with the powerful Volturi vampires taking on Edward and Bella because they believe Renesmee poses some kind of threat. I have no idea exactly why they think this-- the mythology of the Twilight universe can be surprisingly impenetrable sometimes-- but when you've got a pallid Michael Sheen on your case, it's probably best to strike back. With the Volturi breathing down their neck, Edward and Bella team up with other vamipre tribes and even Jacob, who still seems uncomfortable (and woodenly acted as ever by Taylor Lautner) but at least gets a good dig in there about the red eyes.

Maybe the most interesting, and refreshing, thing in the whole trailer is those last few shots, showing the vampire tribes going head to head…. and Bella right there in the thick of it. We had three movies that were nothing but vampire action happening while she stood by the side-- remember in Eclipse when she was literally carried up a mountain to be out of harm's way?-- and now that she's a vampire, she can actually stick up for herself. It's a little late, sure, but we've got one more Twilight movie to go, and it's a relief to think it might be a little less dull this time around. Breaking Dawn: Part 2 comes to theaters Novermber 16.


PHOTO: Edward, Bella And Renesmee For The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

November still seems like a while away, but we're coming up on the five-month mark until Summit delivers the final installment in The Twilight Saga with Breaking Dawn Part 2. So it really isn't too soon to start seeing glimpses of the new and returning characters. We've already gotten a couple of peeks at the movie. But now we have our first official look at the newest member of the Cullen clan.

This article contains some details about the plot of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight novel Breaking Dawn, some of which have not been revealed in the film yet, so keep that in mind if you haven't read the book and you're trying to avoid spoilers! For everyone else, read on!

When Breaking Dawn Part 1 wrapped up, Bella gave birth to a baby daughter. The gory delivery nearly sapped her of her life, but Edward managed to save her with his venom, effectively turning her into a vampire, as revealed in the final moment of the film when Bella's eyes opened. Entertainment Weekly posted the photo below on their Facebook page. Click this link and "like" EW on Facebook to see the bigger version of the new family photo featuring Edward, Bella and Renesmee Cullen!

With Mom standing protectively in front of her, it's hard to get a good look at little Renesmee, but what's clear is that she's not a baby! Did we jump forward in time? Nope. If you've read the book, you know that as a half-human/half-vampire, Renesmee grows at a remarkable rate, which explains how she appears to be child-size already. And that's not the only thing that makes her different!

On a related note, Is it me, or does Edward's hair look bigger? Or have I just gotten used to seeing Robert Pattinson with other hairstyles? As for Stewart, the vampire look seems to suit Bella, whom we might hope to see showing off her newly-acquired strength and speed when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 arrives in theaters November 16.

5 Absolutely Gorgeous Backyard Designing Ideas (at Night)

The long, lazy days of summer have finally arrived... The hot nights too... Make your time count and create memories with these gorgeous ideas for you and your friends & family. Or just dreaming... like me... :))

Monday, June 18, 2012

Grilled cheese sandwich with avocado and spinach

Ingredients for 1 sandwich :

  • 2 slices bread (we used a white bread, but one filled with lots of different whole grains and seeds would be *awesome*)
  • 2-3 tablespoons Green Goddess Herb Pesto (recipe below)
  • 2 slices mild white melty cheese like mozzarella
  • handful fresh baby spinach
  • ¼ avocado, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons goat cheese, crumbled
  • olive oil (and butter if you’re so inclined)


  • Spread about 1 tablespoon of Green Goddess Herb Pesto onto each slice of bread (2 tablespoons total, but if you’re sensitive, go light, the pesto is STRONG).
  • On one slice of bread, add 1 slice of cheese, sliced avocado, crumbled goat cheese, spinach, second slice of cheese, then top it with second slice of bread. Press together gently.
  • Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a frying pan over medium low heat. (If you want to use butter, add it to the oil and let it melt). Add the sandwich to the oil and cook until bread is golden brown. Press down on the sandwich lightly, then flip the sandwich over and cook until second side is golden brown.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Strawberry lemonade recipe

Summary: Homemade strawberry lemonade recipe, made in the blender using lemons, strawberries and honey. Replace lemons with limes for strawberry limeade.


1 ¼ lb strawberries, washed & cut in halves, about 4 cups
2 lemons, washed and quartered (use limes to make strawberry limeade)
~ ½- ¾ cup honey or sugar to taste, adjust based on your preference and sweetness of strawberries
6 cups of water
Garnishes: Strawberry slices, lemon slices and/or fresh herbs


Blend the strawberries, lemons and honey with 2 cups of water
Strain the strawberry lemon mix, add the additional 4 cups of water through the strainer
Taste and add additional honey/sugar if needed
Serve cold over ice and garnished with strawberry slices, lemon slices and herbs

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Most bizarre buildings from around the world

The Most bizarre buildings from around the world...
Wonderworks - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

The Crooked House
Location: Sopot, Poland. Architect: Szotynscy Zaleski. Completion Date: 2003

"Kansas City Public Library" - Missouri, United States

The Dancing House - Prague, Czech Republic

"Cubic Houses" Rotterdam, Netherlands

"The Basket Building" - Ohio, United States

The Dog Bark Park Inn - Cottonwood, Idaho

Toilet Shaped House - Suweon, South Korea

Conch Shell House - Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Stone House - Fafe, Guimaraes,Portugal 

The Imploded House - Houston, Texas

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