Thursday, September 17, 2009

How To Flirt With a Man? Tips And Tricks

Women drop such subtle hints of flirting that it is almost impossible to tell when she is flirting. 

Unlike men, women are less showy and vocal when it comes to flirting. 

But still, women are treading the path of flirting with men. 

For those girls, who are still clueless about flirting, go through these tips for flirting with guys. 

The tips given below should be able to solve your question of how to flirt with a man.


1.Give clear signals
Men are infamously bad at watching out for signals from women. Know what you want when you flirt and make sure your signals are clear and that they convey what you mean. If you genuinely want to meet people then flirt by all means. Just make sure you know the difference between harmless flirting and the ones that have a sexual undertone. 

2.You got it, you flaunt it
Flaunt those never ending legs of yours in that gorgeous black dress. Make the lipstick a shade darker, make those heels an inch higher, and make those heads turn when you gracefully strut into the room! Guys take notice when girls dress sexy. With the dress in place, half the job is done. 

3.Voice check
Modulate your voice to make it sound warm and polite. No one wants a drill machine or even a hostel warden for that matter. The tone and pitch of your voice must be pleasant and you can always make it sound sensuous once you learn how to modulate it. 

4.Make the first move
Almost 95% men agree that they love it if a woman makes the first move. It not shows the confidence of the woman, but also gives her a chance to choose her man! 

If the man asks your number, give the genuine one. After all, you approached him and wouldn't want to blow him off, would you? It is better if you carry your personal business card as it implies that you are interested. Incase you don't want to give it, decline politely or ask for his number instead. 

Flash that gorgeous smile for yours to the man you are interested in. Don't make it too direct. Stand with your back towards him, turn your head around and smile slowly and sensuously from over your shoulder. He will come to you like you just hypnotized him.

7.Be yourself
There is no point in being someone that you are not. It looks fake and is definitely not recommended if you want to attract the right kind of man. Go out, have fun and that is possible when you are yourself.

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That was great. I enjoyed reading your post. I am sure these tips is a very effective one. Thanks for sharing.


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