Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Chateau D’Or Bedroom Collection - Sleep Luxury

Having trouble sleeping?  Maybe if you could just find that special bed that would let you sleep like a King or queen.  Well look no further.  Newton’s, the UK’s most exquisite hand made furniture manufacturer’s has created the bed just for you.
The Chateau D’Or bedroom collection.  This hand made mahogany crafted masterpiece is finished with twenty four carat gold leaf.  An antique glaze is applied to the finished product.  This set comes with a bedside cabinet and a carved mirror.
This bedroom set is inspired by the diminishing elegance of 19th century Paris and the now popular trend of French furniture.
The Chateau D’Or is part of the Rocco collection.  So if the the twenty four carat gold leaf is a little much, this set also comes in French white, Parisienne cream, Noir, and in silver leaf.
The beds are sold in double, king and super king bed sizes to accommodate everyone.  Some of the sets also have additional accent pieces available.

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