Monday, March 14, 2011

Hollywood celebrities turning to laser eye surgery for improved vision

Laser eye surgery is a corrective procedure to improve vision. This advanced procedure may be used to correct nonrefractive conditions. The eye surgeon uses laser on a sedated patient to repair eye damage like a retinal tear. This medical procedure has minimal risk under the care of an expert eye surgeon and is known to deliver excellent results.
Hollywood celebrities and famous sports figures are some of the increasing number of people who have discovered the benefits of laser eye surgery.
In 1999, golf champion Tiger Woods underwent the procedure to improve his vision. He said he did not want to wear contact lenses and glasses to correct his poor eyesight. His improved vision after laser eye treatment helped him win many golf titles in the coming years.
Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman also underwent the innovative procedure to regain 20-20 vision. Kidman had experienced near-sightedness and was relieved when her vision improved after having laser eye surgery.

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