Monday, May 2, 2011

Tulip: Legend of Perfect Love

In ancient Europe, there was a very beautiful girl who was pursued by three young and handsome princes at the same time. One prince gave her a crown, one gave her gold and one gave her a precious sword. This beautiful girl did not know which one to choose because three of them were all very excellent. She became anxious and appealed for help to the flower goddess. The goddess then transferred her to a tulip. The crown was changed to the bud, the sword was changed to the leaf and the gold was changed to the bulb. Thus this beautiful girl accepted the love from all the three princes and the tulip became the embodiment of love.

As the crown stands for royal status, the sword stands for power and gold stands for wealth, only the noble and distinguished persons are qualified to plant tulips in ancient Europe.

Now there are over 3,000 different registered varieties of cultivated tulips. They are easy to grow. They come in an incredible variety of colors, heights, and flower shapes. Every year billions of tulips are cultivated. The majority are grown and exported from Holland. However, millions of tulips are also grown all over the world.

Most tulips are adaptable to many different kinds of climates. The only thing to be careful of is to plant them in fairy well-grained soil. If not, the bulbs may rot before they have a chance to establish a root system. Most tulips bloom well for only one or two years. Therefore, you will probably want to dig up the bulbs and put in new ones after two years.

The language of tulips is not only perfect love. Different colors have different meanings. The ordinary violet tulip represents for the forever love. The yellow tulip stands for nobleness, wealth and treasure. The pink tulip means happiness, passion and beauty. The languages of the red tulip are love vows, gladness and ardently love.

As the beautiful legend of tulips, now in Europe, lovers give each other tulips as well as roses as presents on the Valentine’s Day.

Tulip can remove bad odor and act as a tranquilizer and a mild analgesic. For example, you can cut some tulips into pieces and put them in the bathtub, add some warm water and have a bath twice a day. This can clear away heat and toxic materials for you and is helpful for removing stink of sweat and armpit odor.

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