Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monica Bellucci Naked for Elle France magazine:June 2011

Monica Bellucci posing naked and without makeup on the cover of women's Elle magazine
It is a trendy actress and men see it as a genuine sex symbol, although in September will be celebrating 47 years. And Monica Bellucci is aware of the effect it has on the sex hot. And how to promote their new film in France, "Textbooks d'am3re" star has not been wide open to pose naked. Moreover, she gave up makeup.

"I have no problem with my body. In any case, nobody is perfect: we must make peace with yourself, "said the beautiful Italian mother of two children who take them with her ​​everywhere. I even nursed her little Leonie on the set.
Monica acknowledges that she has a perfect family life, with her ​​husband, French actor Vincent Cassel. "I wonder every day:" How long will my marriage be magic? ". I would not say what the rules are for a lasting relationship. It's kind of random, "she said beautiful.
The star closes the loop by talking about her children, she says she wants to maintain good emotional: "My children, that I take everywhere with me, do not know about the domestic stability, but I make sure to give them a peaceful feeling. "

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