Friday, August 7, 2009

Rob Pattinson Talks About Edward Cullen

COVENTRY TELEGRAPH: Rob Pattinson, 23, who has just beaten Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp to the title of Sexiest Man on the Planet in a vote in Glamour magazine, says he thinks his Twilight character would be an axe murderer if he existed in real life.

Pattinson told OK! Magazine he feels the character isn’t as nice as his fans think: “It’s weird, but girls always seem like that. Being a guy, you always just look at girls and think: ‘Why are you with that guy?’

“With virtually anyone the nice guys always seem to come last. You always get weirdos like Edward who seem to attract women for some reason.

“If Edward wasn’t a fictional character and you met him in reality he is like one of those guys who would probably be an axe murderer or something.”

He also laid to rest the rumours he is dating co-star Kristen Stewart, telling the magazine: “No, no. I am young, free and single, we are just very good friends.”

Asked what he looks for in a woman, Robert said: “I like people being forward. Gosh, I don’t know. I like strong people, chiselled abs… I don’t know, I take what I can get!”

Pattinson added that he was amazed by his obsessive fans: “I had no idea people could get so obsessed. But it’s not scary – it’s amazing.

Read the full article at Coventry Telegraph.


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