Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Want A Twilight Star At Your Party?

If you have 20 thousand extra dollars hanging around, you could have a Twilight star at your birthday party! This is NO JOKE!
Many of the Twilight stars have started working with an entertainment booker who hooks super stars up with their high-rolling fans-- to bring celebrities to parties all across the globe. Stars like Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and Peter Facinelli score upto 20,000 dollars for this kind personal appearance AND this doesn't include first class travel or top notch hotel accommodations. After it was announced that these Twilight-ers were putting themselves on the party circuit, tons of inquiries from around the world came pouring in. People from as far away as Peru, Japan and even Dubai are willing to put up the cash to party with these celebs. A woman in New York City reportedly asked to book Peter Facinelli as a guest at her 30th Birthday.

Having one of your favorite on-screen vampires at your Halloween Bash will probably cost you more than 20,000 though, just because of all the hype surrounding the big holiday. And sorry to disappoint you all, but neither Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart are putting themselves up for bookings like their co-stars.

So, you guys are the biggest fans out there-will you, or your parents, pay the big price to have a Twilight star at your sweet 16 or Halloween Shindig? Or is the 20,000 dollar price tag totally insane? Leave a comment and let us know!

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