Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Horoscope gfts for HER and HIM

Do you know that perfect gift for your astrology loving friend?


Her: For the girl on the go surprise her with an automatic coffee maker or try a shower radio so she can keep up with the morning news and gossip. Cooking timer’s made for impatient cooks are perfect for the Aries gal.

Him: Think sports minded, a gym membership or a set of new dumb bells that he could use at home. Books on CD are also great for the Aries guy seeing that it saves time. Throw in a hands free portable blue tooth to make your gift complete.


Her: Taurans love to be pampered, spoil your lady with a full day package from her favorite spa. Also indulge her taste buds with a box of her favorite chocolates or a recipe book featuring only exotic cuisines. Splurge on a stunning cashmere sweater or velvet gloves.

Him: Pair together a collection of computer software programs, books on financial management and a how-to-succeed journal to entice his learning palate. Dinner for 2 at the hottest restaurant in town would also put a smile on his face, as well as a fancy magnetic money clip.


Her: Look for the latest and greatest cell phone or I-pod cases. Help Ms. Gemini get more organized with a PDA but make sure it’s hip, glam, and comes with all the bells and whistles. Anything technical that helps them learn something new is always welcomed, but don’t forget to keep it girly. Look for a new clutch or fancy handbag from her favorite designer, and she will be forever grateful.

Him: Digital dictionaries, mind teasers, cross word puzzles or trivia games would make for fun gifts. Mr. Gemini would also enjoy a subscription to National Geographic or a book light for late night reading in bed.


Her: Something beautiful for her home would be fabulous and always works, but be sure to match her style and keep the receipt incase she wants to exchange it. This sign is very sentimental and will love any gift that has personal meaning like a scrapbook filled with mementos of times you have shared together. Surprise her with the famous Tiffany’s box or something from her favorite jeweler; it will be a definite winner.

Him: Cancer men are known to have a sweet tooth, buy him some chocolate, nuts, or a mixture of his favorite candy. A new cookbook on Grilling would be nice and digital cameras and photo frames are also great ideas, this way he can record and display all of his favorite memories.


Her: Pick up a stunning tennis bracelet or sparkly earrings, along with a travel size jewelry wrap and jewelry cleaner for this glamorous jet-setter. Look for stunning hair accessories that will compliment her gorgeous lion’s mane.

Him: Leo men love to dress up so select anything from ties, socks, sweaters, or a new suit, but make sure it’s all from a trendy designer label, otherwise find a miniature replica of his favorite sports car or any new gadget that opens and closes. Of course, a ticket to the latest show in town will impress him as well.


Her: Help keep your Virgo girl on time with a new wristwatch or alarm clock. You can also help release some of her stress with a new neck and foot massager. She would enjoy a robotic floor-vacuum or an electronic tooth brush, anything that helps her be more organized.

Him: A Wireless Reading Device with a new computer scan memory disk would make a great gift. A new calendar for his desk would work great too. Pick out some of his favorite movies on DVD or a gift card for the movies. Wrap up an air purifier; and he will worship you forever.


Her: For the ultra-romantic Libran female, a floral perfume is always a welcome gift. Don’t forget some soothing bubble bath along with a selection of tranquil soaps. Warm massage slippers and a cute and cuddly teddy bear would also make a superb present.

Him: After-shave and cologne but make sure it’s his desired scent. Tickets to a musical would be fun or any type of MP3 player so he can enjoy his music on the go. This self-confessed romantic would also enjoy a collection of classic movies.
Her: Look at some attractive linen’s designed for the bedroom and bathroom as well as aromatic candles or room fresheners. A Victoria Secret gift card or a card from her most frequented store can also go a long way. Or how about selecting some lingerie yourself and keep it sexy by choosing red or black lace.
Him: Buy a double gift by purchasing a relaxing couple’s massage or reflexology therapy. Mini binoculars will come in handy for the inquiring scorpion man. Also, have a look at a transportable laptop for the guy who seems to have everything and is forever on the go.


Her: The Sag girl loves things that she can learn from and use to boost her worldly knowledge. Send her packing with travel tickets to any exotic place that she has not had the pleasure in experiencing as yet. Include a make-up kit or other small girly travel size products. Pilates or meditation lessons are also a great idea.

Him: New stylish luggage or a fancy language translator would make for a unique gift. They also love a good laugh or a book on new prank ideas. Sagittarian men crave adventure so pay for a hot air balloon ride or treat him to a day at the races.

Her:    Petite decorative box’s to place knick-knacks in or photo albums to help categorize her special memories. A stylish computer note book bag or a few different gift certificates to her favorite stores also make great gifts, but be sure to keep it practical.
Him:    For the man who likes to be geared up for anything try picking up a mini flood-light or an automatic opening umbrella. Big business books or autobiographies will keep your guy busy, or buy him a new stylish business pen and have it engraved.


Her:    Arts and crafts are at the top of her list this year! Purchase a few how-to-kits, products like how to create your own cosmetics or a costume jewelry assembly kit. Additional ideas include something organic, otherwise perhaps a beautiful large coffee table filled with fine art books.

Him:    Aquarian men favor whatever is unusual and different like an electric shoe buffer or a small hot and cold fridge meant for his workplace or at home in the garage. Electronic gismos are always a good thing like a new web cam for his computer. A weekend trip of whitewater rafting will send your guy soaring with happiness.


Her:    Stylish martini glasses, new scented candles, or any type of unusual shot glasses will keep this hostess filled with delight. Also, take a look at a few lucky charm bracelets or necklaces for this highly insightful girl.

Him:    A highly structured wine chiller with multiple settings would make for a nice present or pick and choose an assortment of his favorite liquor bottles. For the music enthusiast, grab some I-Tune gift cards, or new portable speakers for his I-Pod. Think all things aqua, surfing lessons or a new aquarium will do!


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