Thursday, July 22, 2010

Romantic Body Language - What We Know About This?

Romantic Body Language Reading

When you learn how to read body language it can give you insight when someone has a romantic interest in you.  Accurately reading the body language of the opposite sex will allow you to know if the other person is wanting to get to know you better. Reading body language can ensure that you are not sending the wrong messages to the other person.

Romantic Body Language Is Subtle

Body language is usually subtle and is driven by the subconscious. When you are familiar with your own body language you can make sure you are sending an accurate message to the intended party. Reading body language isn’t difficult and actually ready body language can be very natural when you start paying attention. Reading body language can keep you from missing out on potential mates that are sending you signs that they are interested in a romantic relationships with you.

Your Romantic Body Language Actions May Be Unconscious

When a person stands closer to you than normal that can be a clue to whether someone is interested in you romantically. Their distance from you can relate directly to their romantic interest. The two foot rule can usually be applied in this situation. What that means is that, if a person does not get closer than two feet from you, they aren’t interested in you romantically. The distance is critical, a length of two feet is about arms length and standing this far from you makes the other person feel safe that you will not touch them. In body language avoiding closeness of 2 feet  or more with you is a sign of no interest romantically. On the other hand if the person stands closer to you than 2 feet  they are sending you a signal that they are interested in you in a romantic way. It is quite clear that when someone stands closer that 2 feet away their body language is saying they have a romantic interest in you.

When someone begins to copy your body language that is a clue that someone is interested in you. When this happens it is usually done subconsciously, if you notice someone copying  your behaviors you can take it as a sign the are  interested in you. This behavior may begin very quickly and is often easy to pick up on. In noticing this copying you may feel annoyed as if the person is making fun of you, but this is not the case. You should see this act as flattery  it is just an indication that the person admires you. Many times the other person does not even realize what they are doing but it is often a subconscious instinct to imitate those that we admire. When someone is copying your behavior and mannerisms it is a clear body language signal of romantic interest.
Another form of body language is body positioning which can also be a signal of romantic interest or disinterest. When a persons body and especially their torso is turned towards you when talking to them can be a signal of interest romantically. This type of positioning of their body leaves then unguarded which displays trust in you. Without trust in you the other person would not put themselves in that vulnerable position and would usually turn their body slightly away from you and may even lean away. When a person positions their body toward another person it is a body language indicator of romantic interest.

The Eyes a Big Part of Romantic Body Language

Very often your eyes send body language messages to others around you indicating if you are interested in them. When you make eye contact and blink often you are sending the message of romantic interest. Your eyes can provide  some of the strongest body language messages that you are attracted to them and are interested in what they have to say. When you avoid eye contact that tells a person that you are not comfortable with them and there is no romantic interest. A person that is uncomfortable looking someone directly in the eye and avoids eye contact is sending the message that you are not interested. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and this is true when it comes to body language.
Even though your body language is usually subconscious act  it sends a clear message when it comes to romantic interest. Being that body language is typically a subconscious act is what makes it such an good indicator of romantic interest. Body language is a way of communicating messages that would be difficult or uncomfortable to do in verbal communication.

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