Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spicing Up Your Relationship With Romantic Bedroom Games

After spending so many years with each other you might think that you know everything about your spouse. But things are not necessarily as you think. If you feel bored and think you are falling into a routine, you should try to do something to change that. There are many romantic bedroom games available that can give you ideas on new things and fun things that you can do in your bedroom. If you think that there is nothing much that you don’t know, you are probably right. But games are not about things that you know, they are about fun games and spending time with each other.
No one likes to admit that their relationshiphas maybe hit a lull or a momentary pause in passion.  It cannot always be like it was when you were first getting together, right?  Well maybe not, but there are definite steps you can take as a couple to truly keep things new fresh and original between the two of you and keep each other guessing.  Mystery keeps things exciting and the best way to keep the mystery after years of being together is adventure and finding something new to try.  These things do not have to be wild and crazy but slight variations on normal activities that add an element of daring and intrigue or, perhaps, introduces some naughtiness and playfulness to more mundane acts you have tired of.  A perfect example of one of these activities is kissing.  Kissing is an integral part of the foreplay and lovemaking experience but few couples have a way to truly spice up the act.  There are fantastic games such as Naughty Bedroom Dice which makes a partner kiss a certain way for a certain amount of time on a certain part of the body or Sealed With a Kiss which contains playing cards with instructions and ideas for enhancing the kissing experience.  When these games are mixed with steamy sensual products such as the Kama Sutra Earrthly Delights romantic gift set  or another excellent bath and body product called Honey Dust by Kama Sutra  old passions and feeling really come back to spice things up.
Other romantic bedroom games suggest that you should change the scenery of your bedroom. This can be achieved either by doing something different or by doing something in a different place. Environment plays an important role in relationships . So if you are bored of using your bedroom all the time, you can use other rooms of the house. If you simply cannot do that because you have children, the game Between the Sheets gives you some great ideas on things to do in your bedroom that are new and exciting. You can find something that is suitable to you and your lifestyle.
Exploring Ultimate Fantasies is a game that allows you to explore your partner’s body through touch. Touching is also something vital for your relationship and it is also something that people neglect as time goes by. So this game can bring back the touching in your life. Using feathers can be a lot of fun as they give a soft tickling sense to the body just like touch. The game also has many other ideas and suggestions for you, if you are the kind of person that likes touching and you are sensual.
Another thing to try is Chocolate Tease game that suggests a number of fun things to do with chocolate. You can use some chocolate to write things in your body and the fun part about this is that it is edible. So no risk if you kiss your spouse. Another thing with using chocolate is that the smell is relaxing and sweet and can help you relax and enjoy your time. As you see, there are many romantic games you can play and have fun and laugh with each other again. This will certainly bring you and your partner closer.

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