Friday, June 12, 2009

New Moon: Is Dakota Fanning Too Old For Jane?

Hi Twilighters

Many people have questioned from Day-1 the selection of Dakota to play Jane in the popular movie follow-up, mostly due to people thinking she couldnt pull off the evil, mean role. However some people are now saying that Dakota is looking much older than the described child-like and angelic 12-year-old Jane. And now, judging from the recent pics of the actress shooting the film, even more followers are saying that it's a terrible pairing and that she's simply outgrown the role... especially as Jane is officially said to be - for obvious vampire reasons - as being forever trapped in the body of a 12-year-old. Some of the other parts of Jane's description include that she's tiny, slim, almost androgynous in her figure with wide eyes, full lips and a childlike voice.

Now the tables are officially turned on YOU. Take a look at the picture and tell us what you think about Dakota playing the role of Jane. Does she look ridiculously too old in her dark eye makeup and styled hair? OR can she pull off playing the young, fresh childlike character? Leave a comment below.

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