Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Moon Soundtrack : Paramore Out, Kelly Clarkson In?

New Moon Soundtrack : Paramore Out, Kelly Clarkson In? - Watch Video Here

So it's old news that Paramore - who dominated the original Twilight soundtrack with anthem-song 'Decode' as well as 'I Caught Myself' - will NOT be on the film followup's music playlist. The group itself - or drummer Zac - said that they don't want to be in EVERY Twilight movie and become known as the vampire house band. However, from what we hear, a lot of Twilight fans are saddened about the band's decision, especially since the songs' looming guitar riffs and passionate lyrics perfectly matched up with the movie's emotion-packed love themes.

Now it seems that possibly taking the place of the more indy-type music of Paramore might be Kelly Clarkson. According to an interview with the pop-singer, Kelly is a huge Twilight fan, actually stating that she's a NERD Twilight fan. Clarkson reportedly wrote a song called "Empty as I Am" with 2-backup singers BASED ON the NEW MOON book, actually stating that it was the saddest of the saga. The title alone seems like a perfect match for the soundtrack after all thats probably how Bella feels for most of the movie after Edward leaves her. The singer also went on to say that the group created 'Empty as I Am' before the film-followup was even looking to make a soundtrack.

So how do you feel about Kelly Clarkson jumping on board? And what's your opinion about Paramore taking off from the saga soundtrack? As always, leave a comment below.

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