Saturday, July 25, 2009

American Idol New Season Drama 2009: Will Paula Be Back?

American Idol drama is taking over the television, the news and twitter.
So it's not news that A-I might be dropping original judge, Paula Abdul. It's been a rumor since rookie panelist Kara Dioguardi joined the reality show in its 8th season. These two - alongside Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson - have been working together on American Idol for an entire season, but the gossip that Abdul might be axed hasn't gone away. In fact, it hit a super sour note recently, when Paula's manager announced that he still had not received a new contract proposal from show producers, even with the 9th season auditions starting within a month.

Head-honcho Simon Cowell did release a statement hinting - not guaranteeing, however - that PA will indeed be back for another go. Until then, fans continue to cheer on the return of Paula, most notably via Twitter. In the days after the manager said no contract had been signed for next season, Twitters went crazy and a KEEP PAULA movement swept the social website.

Are any of you among the Tweeters who are devoting to keeping Paula on American Idol? OR do you think it's time for change on the singing show? And what do you think this whole beef is about? Is it as simple as a million-dollar salary disagreement or is it something else? Let us know by leaving your comment below.


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