Thursday, July 9, 2009

Top 5 from Maxim's Top 100 List

At number 5, Mila Kunis, the exotic girl-next-door from the Ukraine takes the cake. This sweetheart, who got her start on That 70s Show, most recently played rebound-girl in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This bright-eyed gal came to the States with a purpose: to make guys swoon.

malin_ackermanNumber 4 on Maxim's list is Malin Ackerman. This blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty plays both funny-gals and serious-ladies in movies including Watchmen, Harold and Kumar and 27-Dresses. Plus, the Swedish-born actress has a whole lot of movies in the mix.
Up next is Bar Refaeli. At number-3, the 24-year-old Israeli, took home the coveted COVER of Sports Illustrated this year. Of course, on the pages and in life, she will always be caught sporting a hot bod and sun-kissed skin. Plus, you can catch her hosting MTV's House of Style.barrefaeli
Megan Fox steals the number-2 spot on the list. The 23-year-old continues to play-on as the hottie in the Transformers series, a cheerleader in Jennifer's Body and a gun-toter in Jonah Hex. Her curvaceous form is certainly not one to be reckoned with.megan-fox-nude
Unless you're number one on the Maxim Hot 100, and it is Olivia Wilde. In reality, she's a far cry from her plain-jane doctoring days on House MD. While the Big Apple princess rocks it out in star-filled comedy, Year One, this classic beauty is busy working the big-screen for a few upcoming films.olivia-wilde

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