Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter: Rupert Grint Crushing on Emma Watson?

Soooo, what's the deal with behind-the-scenes in the world of Harry Potter. We're discussing it right now, of course!

A bit ago, Rupert Grint got quoted as saying that Emma Watson is quite popular with the HP cast, that he didn't dread kissing her on film AND he even said that he would NOT reveal if he or Daniel Radcliff has the hardest crush on Emma. Shhh... they both seemed to have a super crush.

But since then, a bit more details got released on the recent Rupert-Emma kiss in the upcoming Harry Potter installment. Yes, a kissing hook-up finally happens and that's where the story ends. In reports, Grint straight-up said it was a bit like kissing his sister since the two go back like 10 years. He continued that it was weird and the first-try was a disaster because he and Watson just couldn't stop laughing.

And then Emma has spoken out that she just wanted to get the spit-swapping scene over with - and all because of the crazy public scrutiny - adding that she pounced on Rupert. Her words, not mine.

As far as who Ruper WANTS to be kissing in real-life, Rupert has said he prefers the not-as-pretty, quirkier types - I hope you're listening, ladies!


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I love Harry Potter, and I'm not a geek!! Man, Harry Potter is for the cool people...not the dorks!

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