Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Robert Pattinson Celebrity Quotes

So, it's pretty obvious that Robert Pattinson has ginormous fanbase! But who would a thought that a chunk of his groupies are other top Hollywood celebs as well. Right now, we're going through the quotes that some of Tinsel towns girls have said about the dear Twilight star.

Some of the reported sayings are obvious, out-in-the-open Twilight fan Kelly Clarkson said he's an attractive guy. I don't know him, but he's cute! While Megan Fox admitted that Robert is just too pretty with the big hair and suits, and an insider linked to his New Moon co-star Dakota Fanning leaked out that this girl has a laser focus on Rob and she gets what she wants.

Switching it u to some of the Disney crew, Ashley Tisdale has publicly said she's a big fan of Robert, Selena Gomez announced that she can totally see the Robert Pattinson thing - that is the crazy crush that the world has on him! - AND a pal of Camilla Belle actually reported that Camilla and Rob are very close and that CB has always had a crush on him - yikes!

Moving on to a mature Emma Watson, she said QUOTE Oh God, he's absolutely hot. He's driving me crazy! WHILE an older Paris Hilton spoke that Rob is a beautiful man and an amazing actor.

With all of these accolades from fans and fellow celebrities alike, Robert must feel like he's at the top of the world. And just for that we're giving him a round of applause!

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