Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twilight Saga - Eclipse And Breaking Dawn Movie News

It's pretty funny because NEW MOON isn't even out, ECLIPSE is still in the works, and already, everyone's talking about BREAKING DAWN. We're going back and catching up on ALL of the installments, so don't you worry.

So it seems there will be lots of behind-the-scenes overlap for the vampire films, meaning that while New Moon is in post-production gearing towards its November 20th release date, Eclipse will start shooting. Word is that the same thing will happen for Eclipse's editing being simultaneous with Breaking Dawn's shoot. Ashley Greene confirmed the news by saying in an interview that the 3rd and 4th films will be shot back-to-back, even saying that she has not yet seen an Eclipse script, even though the film is set to start production on August 17th.

Summit Entertainment has reportedly set a very clear-cut schedule to keep the Twilight series coming for fans. Appropriately, it seems Eclipse is set to wrap October 31st - Yes, that is Halloween - and just as we said, Breaking Dawn will follow shortly after.

Robert Pattinson confirmed at Cannes that he will indeed reprise his role as Edward in the fourth film, but it's still a bit foggy as to who else will be back, beyond the initial 3-film agreement. What on Earth will we do if for some reason Kristen Stewart doesn't sign on?? And - hello? - what about the rest of the super important cast we've all grown to know and love? And what about the director for Breaking Dawn? Twilight is in need of a new film leader due to this tightly packed movie schedule. Who do you think should join in for the 4th installment? Apparently, series author Stephanie Meyer is being credited as co-screenwriter for this one, alongside 1 thru 3 credited writer, Melissa Rosenberg.

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